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Scott Hanselman
Portland, OR
I'm a Type 1 Diabetic so I have my Medtronic Insulin Pump physically attached to me (you can see the tube going off-screen here) as well as an implanted glucose sensor talking to the blue Dexcom G4 CGM (Continuous Glucose Meter) which shows my current blood sugar. I have a Clif Bar in case I have a low blood sugar, so a bunch of my everyday carry is ""staying alive"" stuff.

Then I've got my keys which have more staying alive stuff, like my pills. Attached to my keys is LEGO Gimli, as well as a Bluetooth LE Time in case I lose my keys.

Then I've got an Umbra Wallet with cards, but also my main 3 cards attached to my iPhone 6+, not pictured. The Limefuel is a 20,000mA battery and the HooToo is a Hotel Wifi Router and another 6,000mA battery. To top if all off, I have a pen that is also a stylus.

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Khürt Louis Williams ·
Typed in "insulin" when creating my item list and your profile came up. I wonder how many T1Ds are here?
Matthijs ·
Nice, you have my respect.
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