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Number S. Thompson
Daydreamer (age 38)
This is my EDC kit for Bike and Disc Golf. Some items are pretty basic but gets the job done .The Maxpedition Gear Slinger has a 2 point harness with quick release so i can access my gear and water with ease from back to front without taking it off. Plus many Mollee , Straps and high strength rings and elastics for impromptu gear that needs to be wrangled. The power pack sits inside the bag with my charge cable ran through the main shoulder strap to keep the MotoX charged up at all times. A few items not shown are the battery charger for the electric bike the front usb headlight and bike lock.

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Matthijs ·
Nice, I like it! :D
Can you fit all your gear in that Maxpedition?
Number S. Thompson ·
Yes I can. However I would rather carry the Knife, Lighter, Rescue Inhaler, Thinket, Laser, Toothbrush, Mini Fork, Nail File, Clippers, Keys, Jaw Harp and Badger Balm On my 5.11 Cargo pants.