Mid-size Carry

This is more of a mid-sized carry. I pack this stuff if I'll be in a car or be wearing a backpack. I use the tweezers more than both of the knives. They're super useful. Too bad Incase stopped making headphones. I really like these ones. Almost four years of use and my 4S is still going strong. No case and it hasn't cracked despite my abuse. Lucky, I guess. I've tried a list of notebooks and pens and the Rhodia + fountain pen is an excellent combo. Makes writing a joy. I keep the cards with me to break out after lunch or whenever I have some spare time with friends.

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Love that baglet. What a great idea!
Very nice... How are the headphones?
They're the most comfortable pair of over-ears I've use. The memory foam doesn't bother me when I wear glasses and it doesn't get stuffy like big, pillowy headphones do. The design is reserved and simple and avoids clunky connections, which keeps them light. Sound quality is good and not bass skewed like a lot of other headphones. It's more flat. Bass heavy audio does get a little muddy, but overall still sounds okay. Good sound for the price, great design at any price.
Awesome! Thanks for the reply. I am going to consider picking these up :)
I love this. At first glance I thought, "This looks very MUJI." Then of course, I saw your full list!