Victorinox SwissTool CS Plus


Victorinox's tools have proven themselves worthy of every task for everyone, every time, for over a century. The SwissTool CS Plus is a change of pace from the company's standard folding tools, forgoing the signature red scales for a stainless steel double-handled body, tipped with pliers, and packed solid with tools. The SwissTool has 38 functions providing a toolbox's worth of utility, from bits and drivers to food canister openers and saws. A locking mechanism also ensures safety in your daily tasks, especially with its complement of blades and cutters. At 4.5" long and 10 ounces, the SwissTool is a compact tool for your EDC, while its lifetime warranty and Swiss quality ensures "everyday" isn't an exaggeration.


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I got my ST about five years ago and have worn it on my hip almost every day since. I have probably only used the ratchet once, but I consider it small insurance for that one day emergency.
I feel naked if I don't carry mine, the build quality is light years ahead of some other major multitool maker.