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The Utilitarian by Broquet

Bernard Capulong

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Last summer, we teamed up with our friends at Broquet to curate a slick, capable "starter kit" of everyday carry essentials in The Utilitarian. If you've been meaning to start your own EDC but don't know where to begin, we want to help you join the fun by offering The Utilitarian at a $10 discount for the next 10 days using code EDCKIT at checkout. You can learn more about how we made it easy to transition to an all-bases covered EDC after the jump.


We wanted to deliver a starter kit that would be helpful for someone completely new to EDC, but also one that highlights some solid, lesser known brands for veteran EDCers alike. By focusing on the two most common essentials, the wallet and keys, we’ve made it easy to transition into starting a great EDC — one that’s functional and streamlined. 

The Machine Era Wallet carries your essential cards and some cash using an elegantly simple elastic band in a lightweight, durable aluminum frame that’s as tough as you are. Slip that into your front pocket and it (along with your back pain from sitting on a bulky wallet) just disappears.

The rest of the utility is concentrated in the keychain setup. A lightweight, locking carabiner is easy to clip onto a belt loop and secure enough to hold your keys and the rest of your new EDC gear. Tons of functionality are crammed into the Gerber Dime, one of the best micro multi-tools around. It’ll save the day when you’re cracking open a few cold ones, doing some quick repairs around the house or getting through frustrating retail blister packages.

To round out the kit and cover the rest of your bases, we included a dedicated LED flashlight (its battery lasts much longer than your phone will) and a keychain pen/stylus for all those times you had to ask to borrow a pen. The all-black kit sports a sleek, no-frills, mysteriously cool look that’ll turn heads even before it gets down to business.

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Vincent Wong ·
I was inspired to set up my own set of keychain tools, which I never had before, after seeing this set last year. I now have a set for work and home and I like having that peace of mind that when I grab these and go, I don't need to worry about not having essential tools close at hand.
Rockett ·
Really liking the minimal approach here, i try to keep it as minimal as possible myself, nice seeing it done so well here!