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Off to work, that's what I carry on my belt.
I used to have these tools clipped to my pockets but pretty bulky and uncomfortable. I struggled many times to get the right pouch for the, but again, I want satisfy with it. Thereafter, I decided to customise a holder instead.
So here it is.

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That is a great holder! Perfect balance of form and function! You might need to start selling those.
Count me as someone very interested in buying one of these holders if you decide to sell them Mr. Ang.
Well Mr Browcs, if you are really interested, I can get it done up and send to you by next week, best case. I am still in the mist of designing one for the USB drives but if you want this original design, let me know. Cheers
I really like the leather belt holder. Did you make this yourself?
Make it myself...No. I sketched it out with measurements and passed it to a friend of mine, she make leather bags for a living so she just helped me out with this prototype.
very very cool!
Absolutely Brilliant! I think the only things missing are a small notepad and a pen drive like you mentioned.

If ever you decide to redo it, go for a smaller set - A Fenix E05/E01, Victorinox Classic/Leatherman Squirt/Micra type of combo. ;)
Hey Mo, you are right, maybe I will go for a smaller set of tool and light, thus giving more space for a USB drive. However I think a "small notebook" may increase its thickness.
I am trying to come up with a few more design for common tools, even thinking about adding a USB drive holder. Any ideas please share.
nice job looks spot on
I keep saying I'm going to make a few custom holsters but I never get around to it. Cheers on making the effort, it looks great.