Writer's Battle Carry

When I am in writing/directing mode, this is what I carry. It is designed to have everything I need without too much bulk.
It has all the pens I need, as long as they are blue. The Midori is for notes on a new project, and the Lafloret is for short stories.
The Westone's are great for when you need to have reference-level isolation in a small package. I use them to give feedback on sound, scores, etc, or to direct VO sessions.
All of this, besides the iPhone case, fits into the Bleu de Chauffe Scott bag, which was designed to mirror a bag used by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Poetic, I know. But this bag is so special, and created by amazing French artisans. It has a nice wool interior pocket. But very minimal otherwise.
The iPhone case doubles as my minimal wallet.
The Charles de Galle bag is an exclusive pouch they give you when they lose your luggage. They also give you a paper-thin T-shirt and a toothbrush inside.
In short, it has everything I need. I was all over the world from Shanghai, to Madrid, to Japan, to Paris, to the States, and these are the basics I need when putting together a show, and directing from a distance, or writing in the present moment.
On the Mac, my workflow is the amazing writing app Ulysses for general writing and planning, and I use Slugline for scripts.
The picture taken was with the iPhone 6+, so I couldn't include it.

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What's the Bitcoin card for?
It's for friends that want to pay me in Bitcoin, like splitting a check or whatever. It has my public address that they can scan with their phones.
How do you like the Hardgraft case? I was on the fence about buying one of their bifold wallets, but I didn't know if it was worth the price.
I like it. The quality of the leather is excellent, and more importantly, not too bulky. I like to use my iPhone naked, so a slip case more fits what I need.