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Stage Hand (age 24)
Alameda, CA
First post! I read the recent article of what edc is and it inspired me! I've EDCed for a few years now and have found my way in the color purple! These are the thing I carry on me every work day which is 6 days a week. Top layer is my Skinth which is an amazing sheath and the contents within. The bottom layer is what's in my pockets. These are the things I NEED in my work week and I'm proud to say that each item gets used! Thanks for looking!

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how did you get your wave purple?
It was cerakoted by a friend of mine.
Thank you for the purple options! My favorite color, can someone list and link to these items on amazon?
Nevermind, I just joined the site and see these are clickable. But can someone let me know what paracord is wrapped around the pry bar?
Lovely and functional!
Love the color scheme. I'm currently a lighting design/electrics student, and I understand the reasons behind most everything here, but why the tweezers? I'm sure you've found them incredibly useful for something, but I can't figure out what for.
Is that purple fisher bullet pen too? All purpled out
Hey Kamm! There's no mistaking that EDC.
Very nice EDC, ohh that Dragonfly, my favorite pocket knife ever made! I think there is a bit redundancy with the swiss army knife and 2 flashlights, but other than that very impressive EDC system.
I have backups just in case my things fail. Especially my flashlight.
Two is one, One is none
Love the the purple! You've inspired me to have a theme for my gear
Rexford, Zebralight, Dragonfly,mini pry; all impressive!