Kamm's Carry

Kourtney Snow
Stage Hand (age 24)
Alameda, CA
First post! I read the recent article of what edc is and it inspired me! I've EDCed for a few years now and have found my way in the color purple! These are the thing I carry on me every work day which is 6 days a week. Top layer is my Skinth which is an amazing sheath and the contents within. The bottom layer is what's in my pockets. These are the things I NEED in my work week and I'm proud to say that each item gets used! Thanks for looking!

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kwelsh ·
how did you get your wave purple?
Kourtney Snow ·
It was cerakoted by a friend of mine.
Shanda Renee ·
Thank you for the purple options! My favorite color, can someone list and link to these items on amazon?
Shanda Renee ·
Nevermind, I just joined the site and see these are clickable. But can someone let me know what paracord is wrapped around the pry bar?
RugerLady ·
Lovely and functional!
Mark Highsmith ·
Love the color scheme. I'm currently a lighting design/electrics student, and I understand the reasons behind most everything here, but why the tweezers? I'm sure you've found them incredibly useful for something, but I can't figure out what for.
Allen ·
Is that purple fisher bullet pen too? All purpled out
Chris ·
Hey Kamm! There's no mistaking that EDC.
Ádám Varga ·
Very nice EDC, ohh that Dragonfly, my favorite pocket knife ever made! I think there is a bit redundancy with the swiss army knife and 2 flashlights, but other than that very impressive EDC system.
Kourtney Snow ·
I have backups just in case my things fail. Especially my flashlight.
Sean K ·
Two is one, One is none
Humberto ·
Love the the purple! You've inspired me to have a theme for my gear
Kourtney Snow ·
Awwww awesome!
DevoD ·
Rexford, Zebralight, Dragonfly,mini pry; all impressive!
Kourtney Snow ·
Thank you!