EDC carry w/o gun

These items fit in my pant pockets. I try to have everything on me without having the need for a case or bag. Most days I carry my side arm, but some days I don't.

Since I found this website, I've upgraded my knife and flashlight. I've also added the notebook and pen. I happened on the Machine Era wallet while browsing kickstarter - there are a ton of wallets on kickstarter. Some I really liked but did not want to pay for....this one was only 28bucks - I've used it for over a year now and it has allowed me to carry in my front pocket.

I want to upgrade how I carry my keys...that is next on the list - I've looked and looked, but nothing has convinced me of a more efficient key chain.

I've thought about buying a multi-tool, and I have one already, but it stays in my work bag that I generally take with me for field work or travel - way too big for pocket carry. If I consider it EDC - It must be pocket carry-able.

Hope you folks enjoy.


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Colin B ·
Craft beer love!!! Zombie Dust!!
Another light that caught my eye was the Olight S10R/S15R. The Zebralight won in the end, but as my collection of tools grows, I'm sure that light or the next edition will find its way in there.
I was holding out for the SC32, but the damn things aren't in stock. I resigned myself to the SC52 after watching countless videos and testimonials. It's really a spectacular light. And so small. Perfect for pocket carry!
DevoD ·
Sage and the Zebralight, two of my most carried EDC items. Very nice!