Professional Nerd: Everyday Carry

Lupo (age 49)
Marina del Rey, CA
Photography is my passion; technology is my vocation. I carry what I need (and might need) for both situations.

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Hey Don, I recently purchased the 2nd gen astro E3 power bank and I'm in need of a shorter charging cable. The dCable Bendy looks very durable. How do you like it?
I like it a lot. Super durable, very flexible, and if I need to carry my phone and the power bank in my jacket pocket while it's charging, it makes the setup less bulky. It also charges very fast.
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Great setup, I love the N5. I did wonder about the need for three USB memory sticks? I might suggest a light.
Thanks! One memory stick, the LaCie key, is for general use. The other two have portable installations of Ubuntu and Linux Mint operating systems that I can run off other computers.