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great set up here. I have the same Olight I have been carrying for a while and I can tell you have been getting good use out of yours because of the wear, the finish doesnt come off on those easy. what are your thoughts about buying the A123 batteries for it? do you think they are too pricey or do you think it's life offsets the cost?
well so far it's worth it because it came with a free battery as well as a rechargeable one. i haven't had to replace either of them yet.
Looking good! Where do you clip the caribener With all the quick release stuff?
normally i clip it on a belt loop above my rear pants pocket. The quick release keyrings add a good two inches of length so i can tuck them all in my back pocket if i don't want to make too much noise when moving around
No safety queens, love the wear on the keychain kit!