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Nashville, TN
I own a technology consulting company based in Nashville, TN. Although I love all things tech, I prefer to leave a majority of my gadgets and computer related items in an office drawer during off days.

This has been my weekend EDC for the past few months. I'm a total sucker for black gear with grey or red accents!

I also do photography and session guitar work for both pleasure and extra income. I rarely leave home without my favorite 1.10mm guitar picks, my moleskine notebook, and my trusty Fujifilm X100T.

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X100T for the win. How do you like the wide-angle conversion lens? I haven't tried those lens extensions on mine yet.
I've been rather impressed with it! It's tack sharp, has the same MIJ metal build quality as the X100T, and is small enough to carry in my pocket. The only tiny quibble would be that one has to go into the menu to tell the camera it's attached. Just minor inconvenience to an otherwise stellar piece of kit.
Are those Junkers watches good?
I absolutely love mine. The Junkers always fetches attention, looks fantastic in a suit or casual. The Miyota 9100 movement is rock solid. Overall I enjoy it as nearly as much as my other more classic pieces. (Explorer I, Speedmaster Pro)
Everyone has a Fuji X-series! I'm jealous. Nice, classy carry!
Beautiful carry, so simple yet functional. I am definitely thinking of added a camera to mine now.