An Apple Education Trainer pack up

James Hannam
Teacher (age 38)
Birmingham, UK
I am a teacher, AET, and business owner. This is my daily carry, honed from a few years of delivering curriculum and teacher training to schools across the UK. Now Im working internationally, I thought it would be good to share my EDC and see what you all think!

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Goran ·
And that filter...
James Hannam ·
Its an app called Camera Bag for Mac. I think its Vintage 4 filter, the app isn't a lot, but really quick for batch use!
Whoa lots of stuff lol! Just some pointers for future submissions, try not to put numbers in the photo (thats what the tagging system is for), and when tagging an item try to stick to "make & model" only, descriptions should be saved for the last step in the process where you have the field to "describe the carry".
James Hannam ·
Yeah, I thought that when I had gone through the process :( my bad!
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