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Spring Camping Essentials

presented by Huckberry

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Spring Camping Essentials

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As the weather begins to get nicer (FINALLY!), we tend to spend more and more time in the great outdoors. Camping season is upon us so our friends over at Huckberry assembled a list of essentials that will help you with all aspects of setting up camp and making the most of it while you’re there.

Light My Fire Titanium Spork
Do mother Earth a favor and leave the plastic forks behind. This titanium spork from Light My Fire will keep your hands clean through all of your campfire meals. The polished surface and inert metal construction means that it won’t leave a metallic taste in your mouth. ($26)

Petzl Tikkina Headlamp
Using a headlamp keeps your hands free to gather more wood to keep the fire going while navigating the terrain. Whether you’re caving, climbing, or simply trying to find your way back to the car, the Petzl headlamp will light the way. Several lighting modes and brightnesses ensure that every situation will be properly lit. ($20)

Stone River Gear Firestarter and Knife Sharpener
This two-in-one sharpener and fire starter is great at pulling double duty when you want to keep your camping gear streamlined. A magnesium fire starter rod and a diamond sharpener will get the fire going and keep your camp knife hair-popping sharp. The Stone River tool is wrapped in paracord and includes a quick release carabiner for easy retrieval. ($20)

Nature Bandanas Animal Facts Bandanas
Not only do these bandanas keep the sweat off your face, but they also let you know which animals to avoid. While a field guide to animals and plants is a great thing to have on a camping trip, it’s certainly not as easy to carry as a bandana. These bandanas are made of 100% cotton for maximum softness and absorption. ($23 for 2)

Gerber Gear 39 Series Sheath Folder Knife
This 3” blade from Gerber is sure to come in handy on the trail. The fine edge drop point blade and sleek nickel-plated zinc handle looks handsome and delivers in terms of performance. Trim back some brush, prepare a freshly caught fish, or practice your whittling skills by the campfire. The lock-back mechanism will keep the blade in place and is easy to close up when it’s time to go. Included with the knife is a handsome leather sheath that nicely compliments the aesthetic of the knife. ($111)

K&M Long Brass Match Case
Starting and maintaining a fire is one of the most important outdoor tasks. The K&M match case protects your matches from moisture, keeping them ready to strike when needed. Handmade brass construction with a knurled grip and a water-tight screw-on compass top add extra utility and durability to this long-lasting match case. ($30)

Photo by Huckberry

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Scott Johnson ·
That sharpener striker is pretty sweet. Hangs on a belt, sharpens, sparks and the entire thing is wrapped in paracord so it doesn't sound like a brass band. Gotta love gear that someone went through a lot of thought and trouble to build it.
kyle ·
I love the idea behind the striker and shapener. Does anyone know if its worth the price. I have come across several of these items like this that end up being more of a novalty rather than a functional tool. im curious to see if this is worth the price tag.