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Nitecore MH20 Rechargeable Flashlight

Mikey Bautista
Nitecore MH20 Rechargeable Flashlight

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Taking no time off from pioneering the USB-rechargeable flashlight, Nitecore have innovated yet again with the MH20. They've taken the two biggest features of the MH12 — 1000 lumens and micro USB charging — and cut out all the excess, leaving behind the smallest rechargeable 1 x 18650 on the market. No longer the bulky size of its bigger brothers, the MH20 is perfectly portable at a mere 4.13" long with a head diameter of 1.25", and stows securely with its deep carry clip. It also comes with direct access to its 1000-lumen turbo and 1-lumen ultra low modes via its side switch that doubles as a power indicator. If size was keeping you from investing in your first rechargeable pocket rocket, you're out of excuses with the MH20.


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Giannis Merichovitis ·
This looks awsome!! Mikey, those articles man! Tempting!
Mikey Bautista ·
Believe me it's hard for me too, haha! I want this so bad!
Saurabh S Singh ·
I bought this! Its lovely! Feels like a tank in my pocket!
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