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Camo Carry Essentials

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Bernard Capulong
Camo Carry Essentials

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Our friends at HYPEBEAST know a thing or two about stylish accessories and essentials. Today, they’re launching their custom footwear collection exclusively made for them by Singaporean-based designer Mark Ong, better known by sneakerheads as SBTG. In this limited release, SBTG imparts a military-inspired “AWOL Camo” motif to Nike’s popular runner, the Air Huarache, as well as classic heat in the Air Force 1.

The HYPEBEAST team shared a few of their picks for stylish, functional gear with us to round out the shoe’s military camo theme.

This set of essentials features a camouflage paracord keychain from DSPTCH, a keychain version of the Fisher Space Pen paired with vintage tones in the “Ambition” edition Field Notes, a murdered out military watch from Wood Wood, a Snow Peak titanium flask, and a pair of Shwood shades for that subtle woodland vibe. Last but not least, their custom SBTG for HYPEBEAST Forces.

Photos courtesy of HYPEBEAST

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big Easy ·
The 1's are dope... wack? No sir..and shout out to hypebeast.
Serge ·
shoes in an edc? wack. way to front hypebeast.
Serge ·
damn i just realized this is cross-promotional content. im choked.