Win a Fujifilm X30 Digital Camera!


Who else loves free EDC gear? Every week or so, we'll be giving away prize packages full of interesting gear we get our hands on, or very special single item prizes for you to win!

Recently we've been sharing tips for incorporating cameras into your daily carry. What better way to help you get started than with a free Fujifilm X30 courtesy of Fujifilm? It's a fun-to-use and relatively easy-to-carry camera (see our full review here) that beginners and pros alike would enjoy!

We’ll run the giveaway for a week. Good luck everyone, and carry on!

Hit up the contest photo page on our Instagram for more details on how to enter to win:

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  • Fujifilm X30: A quality digital camera with powerful controls, in-camera processing capabilities, and a compact footprint for EDC. 

Prize Package Value: $499

Update: This contest is now over. Thank you everyone for participating! Congratulations to Danny G, winner of this week's giveaway.

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I usually don't win these types of contests, but I like to enter anyway.
Not with that attitude! lol
I NEVER win, and only enter if it is something that really turns my crank - it's all in good fun, and hopefully supports the site, which BTW I thoroughly enjoy.
Somehow, I've become obsessed with FujiFilm. Their Camera Bodies are works of Art.
The internal works are Art too.
This Fujifilm Camera is great for travel.... Love to win it!

Mon X10 est toujours avec moi...mais un X30, Why not ?
Can we enter twice?
You can enter once, but if you select the "share it with friends" option on the giveaway page you can get up to 10 bonus entries.
That camera looks amazing. I hope I win. Sucks having to use a phone just to get bad quality vids and pics.

That cam would get some use
Beautiful camera, amazing prize!
That camera will give me life!! Pick me! @kaydyshay
Great camera platform. Perfect for EDC and street photography.
Ok I confess I love "film", however FujiFilm cameras are amazing!
I love the machined grommets.
Hope I win! This would be a awesome graduation present!