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Arkadiusz Hiler
Gdansk, Poland
How I wear it? Left pocket is for phone + headphones, right is for keys, paper and wallet. I carry knife and pen in that jeans' small watch pocket. I use knife's clip so I can take it out quickly (no need for lanyard here).

The hard part is carrying the Kindle when I don't have backpack/jacket with me. For now I use pants' back pocket, but it's little bit inconvenient.

Recently I dropped Victorinox Waiter in favor of the folder knife. I consider adding Gerber Dime Micro Tool to the set. That random piece of paper is going to be replaced by Rite In The Rain notepad. I would also like to carry some paracord with me, but currently I don't have idea for that.

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Rite in the Rain ·
Ha. Just email [email protected] and I'll at least get you set up with one of our sample mini notebooks.
Cthulhu ·
What's your opinion on the Schrade?

Plenty of options to carry paracord: keychain fob, shoelaces, belt, cobra bracelet, watch strap, you can even make a case for your phone. Your limit is your imagination.
Arkadiusz Hiler ·
Hi The Great Old One.

Schrade is really fine choice for the price. Build quality is solid, looks good, and edge is made out of 440B steel. I think it will last me some time.

I made small lanyard for my knife. I don't like to carry bulky balls or something, and it's simply ugly, so ~50cm should do for now.