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Mother's Day Gifts for the Practical Mom

Bernard Capulong
Mother's Day Gifts for the Practical Mom

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Not to be alarmist, but Mother’s Day is right around the corner (this Sunday, the 8th, in case you’ve completely blanked)! Whether she’s the mother of your child or the wonderful woman who raised you, she deserves a thoughtful gift. A surprise phone call, her favorite flowers, or treating her to a relaxing day at the spa are good ways to start. But for moms who like especially practical gifts, here are our picks for essentials she can enjoy every day.

Native Union JUMP Cable in Coral

This all-in-one phone charger and data syncing cable can give Mom the last bit of juice she needs for her phone to make it through a busy day. It’s all integrated, easy to carry, and lightweight so she can toss it in her bag and get on with her day. It also works as a cable for downloading photos from her phone to share on Facebook, if she’s into that. Even the most stylish moms should have no qualms accessorizing with the JUMP, thanks to its vibrant coral accents and chic design.

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Wenger Swiss Clipper AT

Mothers are beautiful. There’s no doubt about that, and this handy multitool has all the features to maintain that. She can use its nail clippers, tweezers, nail file, and scissors for quick grooming, while the precision screwdrivers might come in handy for her glasses or shades. Even if Mom isn’t quite keen on carrying tools, she would appreciate the features on this spin on the Swiss Army Knife.

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bkr Glass & Silicone Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways for Mom to stay happy, healthy, and glowing. A gorgeous water bottle, like this elegant offering from bkr, is one way to make that easier for her. Its glass construction keeps water clean, tasty, and fresh, and its silicon sleeve exterior keeps it protected and comfortable to hold. With a 16 oz (500 mL) capacity, she’ll have no trouble carrying it in a bag or in her car’s cupholder. Quick tip: the bkr bottles come in a huge variety of colors, so be sure to pick her favorite for extra brownie points.

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Daniel Wellington St. Andrews Women’s Watch

Smartwatches might be getting the most buzz these days, but it’s really classic designs like this piece from Daniel Wellington that Mom can enjoy for years to come. You can have the peace of mind knowing it’ll serve her well during that time too — it’s designed in Sweden with a Japanese movement water-resistant to 5 meters. Simple, elegant, and versatile thanks to its modest 36mm case size, it’s a timepiece she can wear it with any outfit, for any occasion.

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Olight i3s Titanium Gold Flashlight

A flashlight is just something everyone could use, and Mom is no exception! For example, my mom would borrow my EDC light for looking through her purse and taking the dog out at night — but as is the case for many lights these days, mine was too heavy/big/confusing for her. The Olight i3s is none of those things. It’s a tiny light that operates on a single AAA battery for simplicity. She can keep it on her keys or in her bag and have up to 180 lumens on hand.

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Periea Handbag Organizer Insert

Moms carry bags not just for their own essentials, but they sometimes also take on a little more to care for her kids (among a million other sacrifices they make every day). Her handbag can be stylish and roomy, sure, but not always the most organized. This handbag organizer from Periea offers compartments that are roomy, padded, accessible, and secure. Life as a mom can get crazy, but at least this drop-in organizer keeps her purse in order.

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Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook

Writing things down in a notebook is one way to take the stress out of the busy life of being a mom. Whether it be a planner, to-do list, notebook, journal, or creative outlet, this quality notebook from Leuchtturm should do the trick. It comes in several colors, includes a table of contents, and 249 pages to work with. The hard cover adds some durability too so she can take it along with her every day, and its elastic closure strap keeps it securely closed.

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Phone Wallet Case Wristlet Clutch

Minimalist wallets are cool with the EDC crowd, and a slimmer way to carry cards and cash is usually a good gift. But if mom isn’t into titanium/carbon fiber hybrid cardholders (crazy, I know), she might enjoy consolidating her essentials into this phone case wallet instead. There are several colors to match her style, and the convenient wristlet keeps everything she needs accessible and secure.

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Zebra T3 Ballpoint Wallet Pen

It’s always good to carry something to write with. This tiny ballpoint pen from Zebra might be perfect for Mom, since it can comfortably slip away into the wallet (or, better yet, her brand new wallet/phone case hybrid) she already carries. It’s small enough to go unnoticed, but just long enough to comfortably write. You can opt for a gold accented version of the pen for a more luxurious look (without the luxury markup).

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I can’t think of a single gift that can express adequate appreciation for her taking on the toughest job in the world, but I hope these suggestions give you some ideas to show her how much you care. If you’ve already wrapped up your Mother’s Day gift shopping, what are you getting her? To any EDC moms out there, feel free to drop some hints for our readers in the comments as well.

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Heather ·
As a mom and an EDCer I would be thrilled with any one of the items on this list. Does that count as mom approved?
Bernard Capulong ·
Yes! I realize I'll never 100% understand what you go through as a mother but it's great to hear you'd enjoy these gifts. Thanks Heather!
John Gleich ·
I have a previous version of the Wenger Clippers SAK. It's usefulness is so pronounced that I carry it along with a Vic Hiker SAK (bigger blade, saw, various openers, drop side phillips, no scissors) and don't find it to be redundant.

Great tool!
Erik Jansen ·
Quick correction: Mother's day is the 8th, not the 10th.
Erik Jansen ·
Oh, just saw this was dated from last year...
Ben Ezzell ·
For what it's worth, I don't think I've ever seen a flashlight that was too heavy/big/confusing for either my mother or wife to operate.
Bernard Capulong ·
Some lights have programmable UIs or selector rings or electronic switches that might not be super obvious to the first time user. The Preon twisties are just twist a little for some light, twist a little more for more light. I bought them for my parents and they like them! If I gave either of them my EagleTac and they turned it on, it would come on in a sublumen moonlight mode.. they usually can't even tell that it's on. and if they want max, they wouldn't know to twist the head unless I showed them first, or to cycle modes with a "soft press" on the reverse clicky when they first pick it up. I'm not saying moms and flashlights are incompatible, but I've gifted a lot of lights and tend to see people are happier with simpler UIs as their first light. Thanks reading and taking the time to comment!
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