Nitecore MH20--The Power of Small

Well, I am a fan of small gadgets. Small things sometimes can just make life so much easier.

Nitecore’s MH20 is a very well-designed small light and yet packs a lot of power. The 4.13’’ body delivers brightness of 1000 lumens at the highest. The output is well-spaced into 5 levels. The MH20 enables you to search for nearby items using the moonlight mode in 1lm, or to illuminate at a distant object with the higher outputs. Most thoughtful feature is its USB port (non-proprietary). It just makes battery recharging a breeze. This light is really an innovative blend of power and portability.

The included deep-pocket-carry clip is really a godsend. You can carry the light anywhere deep down in your pocket, leaving none of it sticking out, very concealed. It looks very nice with the titanium coating. The rounded edges make sure that the light slip into your pocket smoothly, eliminating the risk of tearing your clothes or skin. It just makes EDCing a light so much easier.

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Saurabh S Singh ·
Which one is better in your opinion? EA11 or the MH20?