Urban Every Day Carry

Johnny Brown
Stuttgart, Germany
This is the usual content of my bag when I´m on the way a whole day. Most small things, it looks like more than it is.
Some of the gear is on person the other is in the bag and in the Maxpedition Organizer.

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No First Aid Set?!
Nice kit man. I'm always temped to put a post up of all of my gear rather than just what's in my pockets.
Edward van Natta ·
I am details about your product please leave a message. When's I posts this, I am looking for more information on this!
Lindsey A Westhaven ·
Putting together an EDC kit can be a work of art as each is tuned to the individuals specific needs. While it may not look like at first glace because everything is so small and compact, these kits can have multiple hundreds of dollars put into them. Having one lost or stolen would be crisis and catastrophe. It would be wise not to leave any kit, large or small, laying around in plain view.
TexEx ·
I usually spend about 3-5 on each page, you owe me 30 minutes! love it.
The post alone is quite an achievement. VERY well done!
David E ·
For a surveyor I can totally see that kind of carry. You can't be caught needing something out and about like you are. Very nice, I want the whole thing!
Mark Campbell ·
Looks great... Like mine it's a catchall
Chanaski ·
Impressive, to say the least!
Saurabh S Singh ·
I like your stuff
Dave ·
Nice! Seems kinda like my EDC and my Sitka bag. The only redundant gear I carry is the few things that I couldn't make do with out in the field. Seems kinda heavy though.
Joseph Renna ·
I don't know where to start. You can write a book on this EDC. Good work
Robert Zelaya ·
very nice edc. well built.
White Knight ·
Man you got elephantine pockets. Totally awesome, dude.
Ádám Varga ·
I prefer minimalist carries, at least it's too much bloat for me. Maybe I would probably replace 1 of them to some duct tape for the repair-pouch. What I really like however is the power bank and the super glue in a work bag, because they don't take much space, and both can save the day.
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