Urban Every Day Carry

Johnny Brown
Stuttgart, Germany
This is the usual content of my bag when I´m on the way a whole day. Most small things, it looks like more than it is.
Some of the gear is on person the other is in the bag and in the Maxpedition Organizer.

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Goran ·
Mmmmmm... wow.
Adam ·
Wow, amazing!
Cd ·
So. Much. Stuff. lol
mikef ·
That, my friend is a hellva lot EDC stuff! Wow!
Christopher Moore ·
Thank you! I've wanted to show off my ever evolving EDC since I found this site but most of what I see are very minimalist setups that make mine feel bloated (although I use everything on a fairly regular basis.). This fires me up to post mine.
Cd ·
Do it!
Johnny Brown ·
Everyone creates his EDC for themselves according to their exact requirements. Therefore, the EDCs are always different... My looks like a lot of gear but mostly these are small things. The widely used minimalistic EDCs are not bad either! Most do the same job. But I just carry more stuff, so I would love to see yours too!
Allan Zielinski ·
Sir is the complete kit for sale? Thank you
Jason Mooney ·
Looks good man! Nice set up!
Ben ·
With a kit like that you could go surveying in Baghdad!
Dave ·
No, no, needs more firepower in that case
Jason Butz ·
Mmmm so much gear. I like it
Daniel Griffin ·
Now that is a carry. Looks like you're ready for just about anything. Nice mix of gear too. I'd like to be nosey about one item: The zombuck coin. What is it and where did you get it?
Johnny Brown ·
The Zombuck Copper Coin is just like a personal item or a challenge coin... I collect this special edition of .999 copper coins so I change them regularly... Have a look at ebay or google for the Zombuck collection coins, they´re also available in .999 fine silver-
bekee ·
I have a true utility telepen and had to move it to a pocket instead of on a keychain because it kept coming apart from the cap. how do you keep yours from going missing from a keychain?
Johnny Brown ·
Well so far I never had this problem... But if, I would maybe bend the cap a little bit smaller for a stronger fit. Or I would use some gorilla tape to hold it together.
Scott Johnson ·
Interesting gear. I have a serious question. Do you actually use the 3 lighters and 3 knives in your kit? 2 usb cables and extra battery but why not an ac charger?
Johnny Brown ·
Thanks! Well the Zippo is on person... The True Utility FireStash is as a small Emergency-Lighter on my keys and the Mini BIC Lighter is the Backup in my Maxpedition so this makes more sense... If I leave my Bag I still have the Zippo and my Keys and If the Zippo isn´t on person the Keys are definitely there. It´s the similar to the knives. I have two USB cables cause I know sometimes they can be very important so I choose to carry a second one. The extra battery is always rotating. And I simply just forget the ac charger in my jacket ;)
Bill C ·
Johnny, that is quite the kit! Looking at the details, though, it all makes sense. If I empty my laptop bag I'm at least 60% of the way there and that isn't counting the bits in my Maxpedition Micro. A question about the True Utility stuff, did you start with one and just fall into the rest or did you jump into the entire keychain at once?
Johnny Brown ·
Thank you very much! I bought all the tools at the same time... So far I´m quite happy with them. No extra High-End-Stuff but they do the job. I think for me they were worth the money.
Ádám Varga ·
I prefer minimalist carries, at least it's too much bloat for me. Maybe I would probably replace 1 of them to some duct tape for the repair-pouch. What I really like however is the power bank and the super glue in a work bag, because they don't take much space, and both can save the day.
White Knight ·
Man you got elephantine pockets. Totally awesome, dude.
Robert Zelaya ·
very nice edc. well built.
Joseph Renna ·
I don't know where to start. You can write a book on this EDC. Good work
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