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Dan Cederholm
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Salem, MA
- iPhone 6 with black leather case. Also my primary camera.

- DDC pill case from draplin.com. Sadly, the logo wore off. Essential meds, never leave home without them.

- Dribbble-branded black wood pencil. Of course.

- Corter Leather bottle opener/key hook. Subaru Outback keyless key. This brass thingy keeps your keys from dragging your jeans down. Plus it opens bottles. And it's made in New England.

- Finn Wallet from Waterfield Designs in San Francisco. Waxed canvas and leather. Love everything they make, and the wallet can hold a bunch of cards and cash and still stay very thin. It also fits my iPhone 6, which is handy when going through security at the airport.

- Chromatic banjo tuner. Clips to the headstock. Critical for open jams. Stay in tune, stay golden.

- Shinola Runwell Chrono 47mm. This is relatively new. I'm not sold on the Apple Watch yet, so in the meantime, this hefty thing keeps me on time. The Horween leather is thick and the face looks like something out of a WWII fighter plane cockpit. Handmade in Detroit.

- Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Absolute necessity when flying. I find wearing them decreases my anxiety and makes for a better trip.

- Gear Head pocket phone charger. Always be charging. Crucial for backseat battery emergencies on long car trips with my kids.

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Jeremy Stone ·
Great choice on the Shinola.