5.12.15 | The Essentials.

Oakland, CA
Just the essentials. A curated mix of form, function, value and craft.. my edc reflects my true style with simplicity and a uniquely personalized elegance.

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Ketalon ·
Really cool kit! Love that Fenix light - Think it's worth getting one. Maybe should get one. Alright will get one. Btw for your keys, we're launching coloured Keyn keyholders! Pick your keyring-killer from 7 shades of ninja.
- Renton / Ketalon.com
Jed Ware ·
Very elegant carry, you need to sell more wallets like that on etsy!
Ketalon ·
Agreed. Got us two buyers lined up!
craig b ·
That Al Mar is über cool. Nothing better than a great knife to make one happy EDC.
Jeff Engel ·
Just a warning that a Nite Ize carabiner will let anything escape from its grasp.
Ketalon ·
True story! I've had the same issue. For a secure keyholder, try the Keyn.
Ken ·
Wow thanks guys! I plan to open the etsy store soon & will update here when it's done! Other products will join the wallet, like a glasses case, key lanyard, and camera strap.