Victorinox SwissCard Lite

Victorinox SwissCard Lite

There are times when you want to be prepared but don't have the attire, space, or weight to spare for your normal EDC. You could be in formal wear, in an office setting, or can't afford to have individual tools dangling from your pockets. Victorinox have found a clever way to cover all your bases yet take a minimal amount of space in the SwissCard Lite. It packs a complete set of 13 tools in a plastic card a mere 4.5 mm tall. From the utility trinity of a knife, light, and pen, to handy essentials like a magnifying glass and various screwdrivers, the SwissCard Lite is a complete kit that slips right into your pocket.


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I really like this one, and I have one for about 4 years until Singapore Airport confiscated it.
Lovely, but not travel-friendly. Oh for the days when I waltzed through airports with my trusty Swiss Army knife and a couple of screw-drivers in my bag.
I've had a few of these and they've all broken at some point (just the plastic). Awesome while they last though. Might be good for a purse??
From my experience any of these card multi tools made from plastic tend to break apart relatively quickly in your wallet, and I even carry my wallet in my front pocket.