Tactile Turn Brass Shaker

Tactile Turn Brass Shaker

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If you’ve been looking for an EDC pen that will last a lifetime, look no further. The Tactile Turn Shaker takes common Parker style refills and houses them in a pen that’s more comfortable to write with, sturdy enough for daily carry, and has a much higher cool-factor than cheap plastic. The Shaker is machined from a solid bar of brass, which will naturally age and pick up a beautiful patina. If you prefer your gear to look new and shiny, easily polish it up to a brilliant shine. Brass is a hefty material, but the custom lay pattern grip helps the writer hold on to the pen for precision writing. This pen will have no trouble holding up to everyday use for decades to come.


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I have this same pen in machined copper and the patina is turning out beautiful! Got it on a Kickstarter deal and its been a fantastic pen. Like you said, a touch heavy to carry, but it'll last forever. Great pen & truly a conversation starter as well.
Will they accept the Space Pen refill? I have a stylus/pen for my phone (originally I bought the stylus so I could use my camera via the touchscreen in the winter with gloves on). I replaced the original pen insert with a Fisher refill and am very happy with the upgrade.
Yup, the shorter one (the Shaker, shown here) can fit a Fisher Space Pen Refill (#PR4 with plastic adapter) according to the manufacturer's specs sheet, as well as many others.
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