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C Nathaniel Von Lind
Maker (age 32)
Coeur d Alene, Idaho
This makes up my current EDC. I've made upgrades to my Port Wallet with world famous Horween reversed Shell Cordovan leather, so that the Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan stamp is visible from the outside. I also prefer the feel of the inside of this leather, over the glossy outer finish.

I've also recently picked up a bronze Helberg CH6 watch that looks just fantastic with the patina and antiquing done with some Liver of Sulfer. I went straight to work building a Horween Shell Cordovan leather strap and dying it in a custom olive green oil dye that I mixed up. The green and bronze go together great.

The Warby Parker sunnies are also a new addition, and were a great barter that I traded for my leather goods. Solid build on them, and I'm enjoying them.

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joWatts ·
LOVE the brass. Specially the key strap. Def gonna check out your site.
RobMongoose ·
Very classy, love it, especially all the brass. I want the key kedge.
Philip ·
Love the key kedge and the wallet. Nice stuff man
Rommel ·
nice carry!

Michael Mutant ·
That's a very nice EDC you have going. Great job on the watch patina, that's a beautiful timepiece. I love my Port wallet (Mahogany w/ olive green stitch) it's been serving me well. You are an obvious master of your trade.
C Nathaniel Von Lind ·
Thanks for the good words, Michael. Much appreciated.
Scott McMillan ·
Do you have any plans on offering the watch strap on your site? I have the Horween Dublin Field Notes Cover and love it. The quality is amazing.
C Nathaniel Von Lind ·
Thanks Scott. I actually do plan to list a few. Now that I'm making Horween Shell Cordovan Port Wallets, I have scrap left over for watch straps. When I list the few I will have, I'm sure they'll go quick. I've had a lot of requests for them. It could be another month though.
Rob Hamilton ·
Nice kit. Especially like the watch and strap.
C Nathaniel Von Lind ·
Thanks Rob
Mike P ·
I want everything in this post. Just an amazing job on that watch!
kevin weekes ·
Chad, gotta totally agree with your EDC. That Port Wallet is gorgeous.
C Nathaniel Von Lind ·
Thanks Kevin!
Chris ·
Agree, that wallet is ridiculous. Very cool stuff on your site!