Tile CEO Carry

Mike Farley
CEO (age 34)
San Mateo, CA

My everyday carry is a blend of tech, music and style. Everything is about craftsmanship, soul, and efficiency. For example, I carry two phones so I can keep in touch with family and also test out beta functionality for the Tile Community. I love my Apple Watch due to the Tile glance functionality that allows me to make sure my essential items are with me, but choose the Movado if I am attending a formal gathering. The last part of my EDC is about music & writing, which are very important to me. There is something about dabbling in analog that opens up the soul and makes for a better week, and brings clarity to everyday impossible problems. So much of technology is focused on the left brain, where part of my everyday carry allows me to work from the right brain as well. This interdisciplinary approach provides a creative foundation for how I approach life and work.

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