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EDC Gifts for New Grads

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Everyday Carry
EDC Gifts for New Grads

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Summer is not only exciting because of the weather, but because it also marks the end of school and the beginning of the next chapter for tons of new graduates. Our friends over at Huckberry have assembled this pocket dump full of timelessly designed, buy-it-for-life goods that would make a great gift for grads.

Hide & Seek by Bellroy

When transitioning from student to professional, your wallet should do the same. This veg-tanned leather wallet by Bellroy blends minimalist design with rugged construction. Inside there are several hidden pockets to keep your large bills safe and protect your new business cards from getting thrashed.

BUY ($90)

Escapades by Shuron

A good pair of shades can last a lifetime, and the brand Shuron proves it. They’ve been manufacturing glasses for over 140 years, so it’s clear they have an idea of what makes a good pair. A testament to their iconic style and durability, Shuron still produces many designs that have gone unchanged for decades. The Escapades are a tortoise shell brown with polarized lenses that will keep the sun out your eyes and everyone else’s eyes on you.

BUY ($160)

Leatherback Writer 2 by This is Ground

Keep your writing essentials in line with the Leatherback Writer 2 by This is Ground. Sporting pockets for a small notebook, pen/pencil, smartphone, business cards and cash, this case will help you get organized and stay that way.

BUY ($63)

Tsovet SVT-CV 43

One of the most popular graduation gifts is a timepiece. The Tsovet SVT-CV 43 is an excellent example of classic design and modern technology that will help keep your day running on time. The watch features a reliable Swiss quartz movement with date display and a seconds subdial above the 6 marker. Drawing inspiration from pocket watches, the curved case is comfortable on the wrist and will look great for years.

BUY ($350)

San Francisco Field Guide

Learning doesn’t have to stop the second you graduate. This Field Guide to San Francisco by Williams Field Guides is equal parts travel guide and tribute. 140 pages packed with original illustrations will keep you busy on that long trip home from school.

BUY ($15)

The Bolt by Karas Kustoms

A good pen can be a useful tool, but one that will last a lifetime will be a new grad’s best friend. The Bolt by Karas Kustoms is completely machined on a lathe and features a unique bolt action point extension mechanism. Constructed of durable 6061-T6 aluminum and brushed to a handsome finish, the Bolt makes writing fun again.

BUY ($50)

The Chapter by James Brand

After the hectic whirlwind that was your last semester, it’s nice to have something simple in your life. Enter The Chapter knife by The James Brand. Minimal design, tight tolerances, and built-to-last materials make up this modern take on the minimalist knife.

BUY ($225)

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Evan Fenner ·
I find it funny that the Bolt in the picture is clearly brand new and unused. It doesn't even have an ink cartridge in it!
Chris ·
Well, this was more of an ad for Huckberry, rather than someone's actual EDC.