Shopping with the Girlfriend

Justin Glass
Landscaper (age 22)
Hammond, LA
Keeping it simple for today. Shopping for hiking gear with girlfriend. I keep the list of gear needed in my field notes. I always carry a fire source on my person. Most of the time it's matches but today the zippo just felt right. My skeletool is perfect for days like this. As everything I need in regular day and more. I usually carry a knife and multitool but I like trying a new setup. My prytool is brand new. I just made it so I just wanted to carry that honestly. Of course the flashlight just comes in handy and it's nice and small so it's not bothersome. Hope you guys and gals enjoy!

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Garrick Zinecker ·
Like your stuff. Why do you have the blue wire wrapped around your Skeletool?
Justin Glass ·
I use the wire for my headphones. I roll them up and wrap the wire around them to keep them a little organized. I was using my headphones while taking this photo. I use the wire because if I lose it I havent lost much. Haha I lose stuff fairly easy. Glad you like the pic Garrick.
Chad Lovelace ·
cool stuff !! like the zippo, any more info on how you made your mini pry / bottleopener what is it made of
Justin Glass ·
Thanks man. Yea i made that from a knife blade. I believe its 1095 steel. I bought a Dremel and was just gonna see what I could do. And about 5 dremel blades later I got what you see. The steel is unbelievably hard. I wanted to put a lanyard hole but I can't get a drill to go through it haha. I probably just don't know what I'm doing. Im glad you like it Chad.