Updated EDC

New York
This is my updated EDC after winning the Urban Messenger Bag & Tech Essentials Giveaway, which gave me expanded options and an easier way to carry my gear. Other changes to note are that I added some nice writing utensils that go with my credit card knife in my wallet. I also added a strip of electrical tape around the lighter since it was slowly leaking some lighter fuel fumes.

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Derek Evans ·
Nice setup...congratulations on winning the new bag
Cd ·
Congrats on the win! The gear looks great!
Romero Stokes ·
nice! congrats! with the larger bag - how do you plan to use the extra space? will you add more edc items/essentials in the future?
Garrett ·
Eventually I plan to add a larger multi-tool for added capability, a fixed blade for tougher cutting tasks, a medical kit for emergencies, as well as a good pair of work gloves as some examples.
Eli Benson ·
Sweet kit, and congrats on winning the gear!