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Porter Key Knife & Bottle Opener

Everyday Carry
Porter Key Knife & Bottle Opener

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Preparedness is important to us. But in the city, chances are we’re more likely to need to open a beer or cut open a box than saw down a tree on a whim. And for such everyday tasks the Porter Key Knife & Bottle Opener is equipped. Made of 3Cr13 surgical stainless steel, the Porter unfolds to reveal a drop point locking blade and a handle for grip…

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Evan Fenner ·
This just looks like a more expensive ripoff of the Swiss+Tech Utili-Key except it does fewer things and is black.
Kevin McDowell ·
Just doesn't look very useful. Awkward smallish handle and the key ring eye hangs off the side so it won't sit flush with your keys like some other utilikeys do. Plus I always have a larger blade except where I can't carry when this would have to be removed from my key chain.
James Dodgshun ·
i usually just use an actual key to cut a box open if i don't have anything else on hand.
James Dodgshun ·
and one of my belts is a bottle opener though its a bit weird put a beer bottle near your junk even if i am wearing pants
Cam ·
This probably had been mentioned before, but where can one find the metal wire key ring shown above?