Motorola 360 - BEST EDC EVER

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Anyone ever used the Motorola 360? It is ABSOLUTELY by favorite watch ever! There are a couple apps that manage your watch-faces from your phone, and you can load or make pretty much any watchface you want. An absolute must if you are as dorky as me.

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Amazing watch face in lieu of the Fallout 4 trailer! Nice carry!
I like the simple wallet design.
That carabiner is awesome!!
what the hell is a Antiqued Brass Tritium Lantern & where do i get one?!??!
Lol, i make them in my free time. Just a cast brass housing with the tritium inserted into a secondary glass tube for protection.
Your pen looks unique, not one you pull off the shelf.
It is a Zebra F-701 with a modified clicky that has a tritium vial in the middle.
Had to go get a dude stick for my EDC
Can anyone post a link to the Moto 360 watch face?
pretty savvy to toss in your kick starter !!! may just have to back this one !! nice stuff - did you do the upgrade to your f701
I have a moto 360 and love it. Where did you download the pip boy watch face from?
I got it from facerepo.com
Dig color of that Kershaw!
What kind of scale is that on your CQC-6k? and how much? Very nice.
Thanks! I got it from. @thee_condor from instagram
I agree, cool custom scale.
I have a Moto 360, it's great. I love all the different watch faces you can use!
Seriously, pretty fun! I have had it for a month and haven't stopped playing with it