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Father's Day EDC Gift Guide 2015

Mikey Bautista
Father's Day EDC Gift Guide 2015

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Father’s Day is fast approaching (June 21st!), but there’s still time to give him the perfect addition to his carry. Whether he’s a jetsetting businessman or spends his weekends outdoors, Dad deserves nothing but the best and most useful gear. Get him something practical and memorable from our Father’s Day EDC Gift Guide.


For the dad who puts on a suit for his nine to five, his carry should reflect his business needs. Lightweight so they don’t slow him down as he makes strides in and out of the office, while still promoting usefulness.


For the dad living in the digital world, his carry should be efficient and practical in connecting him with his technology. The techie dad’s gear is as modern as his lifestyle is, working in sync with the rest of his carry.


For the dad who likes to rough it up and blaze trails on the weekend, his gear should be high quality, rugged, and built to last against the elements. Unexpected adventures await outside, so this dad’s carry should be exceptionally reliable.


From running a marathon to biking on a mountain pass, the active dad’s carry has to keep up with his lifestyle. The active carry should be resilient in rain or shine, light enough not to slow him down, and help him get the most from his activities.


For the dad that likes to build, tinker, restore, and repair. Heavy duty needs mean a heavy duty carry, but utility doesn’t have to mean giving up the practicality of a sleek loadout.

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