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BigIDesign Titanium Mechanical Pencil + Stylus

Ed Jelley
BigIDesign Titanium Mechanical Pencil + Stylus

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BigiDesign has crafted a pencil to add to their lineup of wildly successful writing instruments. The Pencil + Stylus is constructed from titanium and available in either raw or tumbled finish. Inside the Ti bodies are German-made lead advancement mechanisms that will provide the best performance, reliability and durability for years to come. Each pencil features a ridged grip section, a sturdy clip, and an optional stylus on the click mechanism. Designed with a clean and minimal appearance, these pencils let you focus on your writing or sketching. Available in 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and a 3.2mm sketching lead, there is an option to suit everyone’s tastes. Get in on this Kickstarter to help make the Mechanical Pencil + Stylus a reality.

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Glen ·
I make no secret that I love mechanical pencils; throw in Ti and EDC potential and you're really ticking my boxes! I had a look at the Kickstarter page and these pencils looks great - especially with the tumbled finish. The price is competitive for a Ti writing implement too; the only thing keeping me on the fence is how pocket-safe it might be. There is no explicit pocket-safe feature, but the lead tube of the Schmidt mechanism seems nicely rounded; it might be OK if you push the lead back into the body before you put it back into your pocket.
Ed Jelley ·
The pencils include a sleeve which will help protect the tip in pocket. You could also go the 3.2mm lead route which goes completely back inside the pencil!