Commuting essentials

Oslo, Norway
Some stuff from my commute bag, a Timbuk2 Ace Voodoo Blue. Sometimes my work laptop or personal Chromebook comes along, and of course a zillion cables, adapters, etc.

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How well does the USB in the KeySmart work? I have a separate USB on my tools keychain (separate from my keys) that's on it's own mini Nite-Ize connector... but until I added the connector, I didn't use the USB very much because I found it to be too bulky. The Keysmart is much more compact but just wondered what your experience was.
That Gerber Shard appears more silver than black. Wonder if that's just the camera angle.
Looks like it got a wrong link, the shard is dark grey/gun metal
I am surprised to see the Anker 5-port charger as part of an EDC. They are great when travelling with several people - I carried one on a recent trip to Australia with my wife and daughter - but isn't it a bit big for one?
Not at all! Too much to charge f.ex at work. I have a lot of retractable micro-usb cables also, and carrying this I'm alway ready to charge my cellphone, headset, power bank, etc. Used to carry a Sony DSC-HX60V, which also used micro-usb. But without my bag I carry no charger at all, just a smaller power bank
Have you found many uses for the Sugru? Was wondering how well it worked?
Some small bike repairs, and some kitchen quick-fixes. I like Sugru a lot, and I am trying to find a use for the combined Sugru and magnets-kit. The only downside I can find is that unopened Sugru only last for approx 6 months, even when stored in the fridge.