Natsu RFID-Blocking Minimalist Wallet

Natsu RFID-Blocking Minimalist Wallet

Minimal wallets are fast becoming the way to free up pocket real estate. Only carrying the essential bills, coins, and cards means more room for your EDC gear. The Natsu Minimalist Wallet by Kietsu is an excellent example of a feature-packed wallet that can carry more than most. Able to hold several bills, up to 8 cards, and even spare change, the Natsu still manages to maintain a slim form factor. Its unique “anti coin-spill compartment” seals with the swipe of a finger, keeping coins and keys securely inside. Not only does the Natsu keep your coins safe, but it also helps protect against credit card theft with its RFID-blocking technology. To learn more about the wallet, check out their project on Kickstarter to grab one in any of the 17 available colors.

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Love it, just ordered a couple...
Gone through six minimalist wallets to find a decent one. This one seems legit.