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Urban Pack by Loft of Cambie

Bernard Capulong
Urban Pack by Loft of Cambie

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When preparing your essentials for a day in the city or on the commute to work, chances are your kit falls just out of pocketable territory. Your best bet is a bag that not only securely organizes your more extensive loadout, but one that also doesn't slow you down. The Urban Pack by Loft of Cambie was thoughtfully designed with this in mind. It features a detachable, built-in earphone cable manager, easy-access front pockets, lined security pockets for more delicate gear and gadgets, and more. The pack's versatile strap system converts it from a shoulder bag, to slingpack, to hip pack to suit your carry preference, which can change depending on how much you're toting around and what you're doing with it all. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter campaign for this stylish solution to urban EDC.

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Paul Cypert ·
Love the material combinations, colors and stitching.

The bag itself looks like a super-sized fanny pack. I know they show other uses, but if I'm gonna sling, why not have something that can fit a laptop?
Bernard Capulong ·
Honestly I think there are plenty of bags on the market that can accommodate laptops in this style of material/colors, but very few in this class of "small urban pack." I appreciate that it gives you a little more but doesn't commit itself to the size of a laptop should you not need to carry one into the city. Those things are big and heavy, this is more about just keeping the essentials organized and accessible, which I really like.
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