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Darren Tong
Self Employed (age 34)
Elk Grove, California
This is just the stuff I carry on a daily basis. I'm going to go quickly down the list with some extra info.

My knife changes depending on situation and needs. These days though, I've been enjoying my Kizer Ki403A1. Stylish and solidly built knife with s35vn steel and anodized titanium handles. Despite the materials and fit and finish, this knife is priced to use hard. I absolutely love it.

I probably don't have to explain why I use a Lamy pico leather pouch for my fisher bullet. Fit perfectly and is a solid case. Don't want to scratch up that rainbow ti-ni finish.

I carry my Zippo in the leather belt pouch on my belt these days. I don't want to overfill my pockets (keep in mind I have a pack of cigarettes in there too). Also it will keep my Zippo armor from being scratched up.

Everything else is pretty self explanatory. Oh and the Leatherman Tread is a great multi-tool. Adds extra utility without having to "carry" anything extra. I am used to wearing wrist accessories so this tool was a no brainer.

Thanks for looking guys!

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Cody ·
The Leatherman Tread is a real eye catcher and I can only imagine how many new uses you find for it everyday. Great kit!
Darren Tong ·
Thanks! yea, I'll definitely put it to good use!
Dustynn Mullens ·
I am waiting on mine. My buddy at work let me use his, and it is amazing how useful it is. Lighter than I had expected too. Did you notice that the bits from a Leatherman Wave fit in between the tools?
Darren Tong ·
You mean the 1/4" box wrench? yup, you can use it to drive the wave/skeletool bits. Oh btw, Did you order your Tread from Cabela's? Only Cabela's has it right now. All other retailers get it in August.
Huusmann ·
Nice. Like the Kizer-blade, not something we see everyday on this site. How is the Leatherman Tread working out for you?
Darren Tong ·
Thanks! Kizer can be a hot button subject sometimes. But they make top notch knives. I own 3 Kizers and have been nothing but impressed.
The Tread is great. It has some heft, maybe mid 4oz, nothing that isnt manageable. Likevi said in the description, it just adds a whole lot of utility without having anything extra in your pockets. I am looking forward to some of the future links they will be selling. Personally I hope they add some torx drivers for knife adjustment. And of course, it has a stylish look. if you are someone that is into wrist accessories, this is a great tool.
Kevin J Meyer ·
How convenient is it to use the Leatherman Tread? You do have to take the individual pieces apart, before using it, right? Isn't that a pain in the neck? Thank you in advance for an eye opening answer

[update] I just saw a video about the TREAD...so that's how it works xD
Darren Tong ·
Sorry for the late reply. No, you just use it as is. Each tool can be held out in front for immediate use.
AE ·
what a horrible watch
Darren Tong ·
And I wonder what would possess you to say such a thing lol
Dustynn Mullens ·
Lamy Pico pen? I am a collector of pens and have yet to see or hear of one of these.
How does it write?
Darren Tong ·
Actually it's just the case. I use the leather case to carry my Fisher Bullet. I don't own a Lamy Pico but I hear good things.