EagleTac D25C Ti 2015

EagleTac D25C Ti 2015

EagleTac's D series have always been great EDC lights, with their limited edition titanium line for the D25C especially so. This 2015 version now puts out 485 lumens off a single CR123A cell. Its new knurling pattern allows for both solid grip where needed as well as giving the underlying titanium a chance to shine. Improvements have also been made under the hood to improve cooling and efficiency with improved manufacturing techniques and circuitry. Of course, EagleTac's highly-customizable and programmable interface is still present, with plenty of useful modes (including a new dimmable output on li-ion batteries) to satisfy even the most discerning flashaholics. Few lights get such a good balance of form and function, earning the D25C a stylish, yet sophisticated spot in your carry.


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