Evening Out carry

Danny Solano
Georgetown, TX
Some products I have on me when I go out or are in my car at anytime. The Cologne I use when I go out, so felt it should be included

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Antony Bridle ·
My kind of EDC, neat, stylish and most of all UK friendly!! Plus I'm really liking the 'Pull for Adventure' stuff that keeps popping up in peoples EDCs. Does anyone know if the tag is available in the UK?
Danny Solano ·
Hi Anthony thanks for the kind words about my EDC . I also own Pull For Adventure. We most definitely ship to the UK. Check us out on our site. Cheers
Philip ·
Finally a non retarded EDC without stupid blades (seriously, wtf?) and other useless crap.
And you get plus 10000 points for Chanel Blue, coolest perfume on Earth.
Mike ·
Cool torch
Benson Chen ·
I'm probably going to get that Pull for Adventure tag after seeing this.
Danny Solano ·
Thanks Benson I'm actually the owner of Pull For Adventure. I'm glad you dig the Tag. Make sure to check out the Instagram @pullforadventure