Summer carry

This is what I'm currently carrying while enjoying my 3 week summer holiday.

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The Micra was my first multi tool when I was a kid. As I got older, I still use and love it.
I'll be getting my son one. They are honestly a great EDC! How is the Ohto Minimo? I am a pen collector and am considering getting one? Are they sturdy and reliable?
Do you have a field notes notebook? I've wondered for a while if one would fit in the back pouch of a WOLYT wallet. Think that wallet would make a nice case to keep my books in better condition.
Sorry to say, but a Field Notes notebook is over twice the size of the WOLYT wallet.
Alright, thanks for letting me know. I guess I'll have to find something else.
Nice pen + wallet setup B)
Thanks. I was inspired by a give-away some weeks ago. ;)
I have to agree, I may be taking some 'inspiration' from that one myself!
You ever have issues with the lanyard loop or the bottle opener on that Kershaw getting in your way?
No, I can't say I have. I keep it clipped to the edge of my jeans pocket and it doesn't intrude when I need to get my keys or some coins.
Super clean carry. Very nice.