Minimalist EDC

Edward Kil
Student (age 20)
United States
Just another rendition of a minimalist EDC.

550 Paracord fishtail bracelet. I believe it is always good to have a good amount of paracord with you for survival situations where you might need it, and the best way to carry some is to make a bracelet out of it!

Seiko 5 SNK809 Sadly this is the only watch i have so far, but I will being ordering some new watches very so and will post up! This watch is a great little automatic watch for someone getting into watches!

HellBentHolsters Combat Wallet, A great front pocket minimalist wallet and also durable! great retention this is the medium size holding about 6 cards but can hold up to 10 depending on if the card has raised numbers/letters.

QuarterMaster Mr. Roper XLS Tanto Is a great edc knife! Also, for the price you can get it for $170 on BladeHq.com CPM-154 steel with a Titainum framelock with a steel lock insert! Also, to top it off it has G10 scale on the show side! The traction on it can compare to a Spyderco Paramilitary 2! Great EDC knife and handle is a bit bigger than the first full titanium handle model!

Peak Eiger Stainless Steel Flashlight. This is probably my favorite flashlight to this day! I've had it for about two to three months and never stopped carrying it! The one I have has a momentary on/off pressure switch using pressure to control the output of power! Also, the head of the flashlight twists but not like other flashlights where you twist on/off to cycle through the modes but this one works just like the momentary on/off switch and uses pressure, so the tighter the head of the light is screwed on the more output and when loosened the output goes dimmer and soon turns off. Great EDC flashlight and I highly recommend it to anyone!

Mini Bic Lighter just always good to have a lighter on you even if you don't smoke!

I hope you like my submission!
Thank you
Edward Kil

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Campbell ·
I also got the seiko 5 for my first automatic and I have to say it's a great watch! Very versatile and cheap! Nice carry :)
Jose ·
any telling on how many lumens that peak flashlight has? I've tried looking on their website and also google but can't find any real information. thanks in advance
Edward Kil ·
The Peak Eiger flashlight has about 200 lumens at its max output!