Cashavelly Morrison's Everyday Carry

Cashavelly Morrison
Winston-Salem, NC
Here's what you can find inside the bag of Cashavelly Morisson, an Appalachian songstress:

Journal and pen: I like to work on songs in the car while I'm waiting to pick up our son or between errands. I like this one because it's small enough for my purse, lays flat when open, and it's not lined.

iPhone: I record myself singing melodies on the iPhone while driving.

Earphones: For music while I grade papers at a coffee shop.

Sunscreen: I'm trying to not get skin cancer or age prematurely. Normal aging is cool though.

Chico bag: For my constant, quick runs to the store for the items I forgot on the big food buy of the week.

Brass lighter: Mom was giving many of her things away to us kids. I grabbed this old lighter that makes me feel like I'm on Mad Men. Except I use it to light birthday candles instead of cigarettes.

Stamps: I still do mail. I mail all my bills. I try to send thank you notes, though these days they are 2 years late. I always send paper invitations. It's a nice way to keep track of life. I've saved nearly every letter I've ever received.

Tampons: Well, yeah!

Toy cars: You never know when your little boy is going to need a toy car. Be prepared!

Lip balm: I always have chapped lips.

Neat Leatherman thingy: I need it for the scissors and the screwdriver. Ryan got it for me.

G7th Capo: I got this right when I started making the songs on this album. It's like a sweet friend that wants to make life easier.

Blue Chip Guitar Pick: I couldn't really play guitar until I played with a Blue Chip pick. Our friend Luke jokes that he won't play a gig without his Blue Chip. I don't know. It's magic. Ryan got me this one with my name on it for my birthday.

Nifty wooden box: To keep my Blue Chip safe.

Zip drive: I always have something I've got to print when I'm teaching. I still like reading on paper.

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