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SCOTTeVEST Pack Jacket

presented by SCOTTeVEST

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SCOTTeVEST Pack Jacket

Pockets are an EDCer's best friend. The gear we carry needs to be at the ready, usually in a nearby pocket. Designed with this principle in mind, the Pack Jacket by Scottevest loads several versatile pockets into a lightweight, breathable jacket. With an impressive 13 pockets in total, the jacket keeps your EDC gear safe and organized. Featuring an array of zippered, hook and loop, and open top pockets, the Pack Jacket balances both secure storage and accessibility. The Pack Jacket not only contains a ton of pockets, but it can be stored in one too. Fold it up and stow it away in a bag or cargo pocket, and break it out when the weather calls for it. Put this on and load it up to upgrade the “carry” in your everyday carry.


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