My Daily Bag Unpacked

George Voniatis
Architect (age 29)
Limassol, Cyprus
This is the equipment i take to work on a daily basis.
The hard drives have all the projects i have completed over the years and an architectural library consisting of everything from rendering materials and stock images to photoshop brushes and tutorials.

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T Shrapnel-Carruthers ·
Loving the black MBP
Ian C Medina ·
That's a LOT of gear to take to work daily! Is a desk drawer out of the question?
Damon White ·
I get the sense that you have a lot of storage needs...
rreeves ·
Always glad to see I am not the only one rocking a 'vintage' MBP... BTW, Apple really needs to bring back the black.
George Voniatis ·
Chris: I have many hard drives because i don't like mixing data and hard drives filling up with different types of data and then having problems finding what I'm looking for. Would rather have hard drives half empty and having space for future data.
I have a hard drive that holds the material library for vray another for maxwells library, another holds photoshopping recourses and others for different types of resources like tutorials, books and textures, others hold work i have done for private clients and for different companies i have done work for. Thus many hard drives..

Fred: I use an older version of Incase ICON Backpack. They fit a lot more than it would seem.
Fred ·
What bag do you use for your EDC?
Whoa, lots of hard drives!