A Banker's Everyday Carry

This is what I carry around almost every day, usually in a black Maxpedition Sitka pack. What watch I choose depends on activity. Apple Watch to regular workdays or a jog, the Jaeger on important meetings or to balance out an under dressed outfit. The G-shock whenever I feel the need to express or act out my inner explorer and of course when I'm out hunting or trekking.

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That JLC...
Yeah... I know. Never had 2nd thoughts about that purchase tho!
BTW, Been on the fence regading the Rangeman. You like or love?
That JLC is ridiculously out of place in this EDC and I absolutely love everything about that. Gorgeous setup, and I've gotta say, stunning watch.
That is kind of the idea :-) I like the contrast! I do it in the opposite direction too, i.e. tailored suit and handgrade C&Js together with that G-Shock :-)