My Self-Defense & Tech Carry

Alba, TX
This is what goes with me everywhere I go. I live in the country and work from home so venturing out doesn't happen often, but this and a good pair of boots usually keeps me prepared. I'm a small guy, 5'7" and a 132lbs on a good day. So in the country I have to be prepared to fend off anything that might come my way. Hence the defensive nature of my carry. The defensive items included are: Wilson Combat CQB Compact 1911, a pair of CRKT SPEWs, and a Boker Plus Anti-Grav. The SPEW's configuration is something I got from the movie Lucy. It's a pair of SPEW's that have been bolted together to carry tip-up on a belt at the small of the back. Also, I have to sport the Apple products because they are fantastic, not to mention they are paying the bills. Everything else servers some day to day need.

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