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MidamMercantile Leather Sportsman Journal

Mikey Bautista
MidamMercantile Leather Sportsman Journal

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The increasingly popular Field Notes notebooks are becoming an EDC staple thanks to their variety of styles to fit every carry. However, their covers are prone to heavy wear and tear when carried around in a pocket. A leather journal cover not only gives them some much-needed protection, but also extends their utility by providing additional storage for essentials. The Leather Sportsman by MidamMercantile comes custom-made out of Hermann Oak leather in one of three colors. One side stores and protects an included Field Notes notebook, while the other adds a trio of pockets to hold your cards, notes, and other kit. At 4.125" x 6" while folded and waxed for protection against water and grime, the Sportsman is a great addition to your writing carry that adds little bulk but lots of life to your EDC. 


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B Gregory ·
While I think a leather cover is a nice accent to the Field Notes memo book, I can't help but feel that spending nearly $60 on a cover for a $3.30 notebook, that supposed be small and compact, is a bit silly. Am I alone in my cheapness here, or do others agree?
Andrew Kim ·
I agree. I *like* the idea of a leather wallet/jacket combo for my Field Notes, but I don't know that I'm so interested that I'd pay more than I would for a simple wallet (read: ~$20).
Anita Pajferspam ·
Jason Kauffman ·
Agreed!! The whole reason for carrying the FN is to be pocket sized, I love the worn-ness it gets everyday! Paying $60 is over the top, and adds unnecessary bulk for way too much $$.
Isaac Weintraub ·
I personally like the leather protection. I'm outside sometimes in harsh environments and love the idea to keep my field notes from disintegration. The bulk does suck and so does the price point. I would love to see a $20 cordura cover. I would buy that in a heartbeat.
EverydayArsenal ·
Try Recycled Firefighter. Not quite $20, but closer to what you want in material and price.
Doug F ·
One more that agrees.
Saul Goode ·
I agree with the cost disproportionate to what it protects, but really if only to protect the notebook. If an essentialist used such a cover as a minimalist wallet, it could work.

I liked the concept but needed more space, so I opted for the Fjallraven Passport Wallet, with water resistant fabric, zippered to endure the elements all the while keeping important cards and cash from falling out.
John ·
The price tag is a bit steep for my taste, but I can't argue with the aesthetics. It looks like that leather would age beautifully. As far as the "added bulk" that's being mentioned, it's intended to act as a wallet as well so it really doesn't add any perceivable bulk compared to a notebook combined with a separate wallet. Overall I really like the idea but probably not at that price point.
Jeremiah A Cole ·
I've got a wallet that is a similar design to this. Slotted design to hold cards, which in my experience my cards end up at the bottom of my pocket anyways. I can think of many other things that would be more justified to spend +$50.
White Knight ·
Demosthenes ·
For a "pocket porn" perspective, it's very attractive. However, it doesn't seem overly practical, especially at that price point (or maybe I'm just cheap).
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