Work Carry

Thomas Rick
New Orleans, LA
This is what's on me when I'm working at my local zoo. Thanks for stopping by my post.

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Gibby Kirwan ·
EDC nuts..... Love it
Mike ·
Just retired from the Toronto Zoo after 23 years... You have lots of cool stuff. I understand the fixed bald knife but a fixed blade and a multi tool and a Spiderco and a SAK? The keepers I know mostly carry a small fixed blade knife or a SAC and the utility guys have the multi tools The peanuts are a nice touch just hope you don't work with any keepers with allergies. Enjoy what you do these are the best days of your life.
Thomas Rick ·
I'm actually allergic to peanuts a little, but we use them so much carrying them is not a problem, for me or anyone else. The SAK's always on my keys even when I'm not at work and I just don't take it off. The multitool gets used a ton, and if I could only keep one tool, it would be the multitool. As for the two knives, I'm just a knife guy. But I can't count the number of times a fellow keeper has asked for a knife.
Michael Mutant ·
Hi Thomas,
What is that photo in your profile picture?
edit: Nevermind, I can see it now.. That's funny.
Thomas Rick ·
They do come in handy. A zookeeper's job entails everything from bushcrafty things such as tree/vine/plant work to fixing roofs to dealing with animals to dealing with visitors, so I have to cover all the bases.
Noah Murdoc ·
nice nuts! edc animal distractant?... quite the bushcrafty setup